Recipe: The Braised Blue Burger

I have been looking through my recipes the last few days just to see if I’ve missed anything important I quickly realized I have totally forgotten a hamburger. This is insane! I love a good burger, and I cook a good burger. But what goes into a great burger, I mean there is a large part of the population who could give a shit about the burger they are eating right? MacDonald’s is still turning out their mush burgers, by the millions. Burger King is still carpet bombing their burgers with mayonnaise like there was some kind of insurgent, allergic to eggs hiding in the lettuce. People even go to chain restaurants like Kelsey’s and pay 10 dollars to have a burger that has been blessed with bacon and cheese. Well I give a shit about my burger and soon, you will as well.

So first I need to explain the elements of this burger that I am not making from scratch. First is the bun. Go to your local bakery(not your local supermarket) and get whatever kind of buns your little heart desires. I like an onion bun with some poppy seeds for texture. Fresh bread is a great thing, why buy wonder bread buns? You also need condiments. I like to take good old heinz ketchup and mix it with Sriracha sauce*. I also like to use pickles on my burger for some acidity. Also mustard is a nice addition, I prefer something brown and spicy but French’s will do in a pinch. I like to use aged cheddar and triple cream brie cheese.


500 g Medium Ground Beef Chuck

500 g Medium Ground Beef Brisket

1 egg(Breaten)

1 onion(grated)

2 cloves Garlic(grated)

1 cup bread crumbs(Finely blended in a food processor)

1 tbs Worcestershire Sauce



6 sprigs for Rosemary(Finely chopped)

Tomatoes sliced


4 pieces of pea meal bacon

4 eggs


In a mixing bowl add your ground meat and blend the two together by hand. Add your egg, rosemary, worcestershire, onion, salt, pepper and garlic and continue to mix by hand. Then add your bread crumbs, rosemary and continue to mix. Put your mixed burger meat in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool and set. After the meat has set you form patties they should be around half a pound. The burgers should be about four inches in diameter and a hole should be pressed into the middle of the patty which allows for quicker cooking and the ability to check the doneness of the burger.

On a hot grill you want to sear the burgers just like a steak. A layer of caramelization will lock in the juices and your burger will be infinitely more moist. I like cooking my burger to medium because I am a human being and eating a burn to a crisp puck of beef is wrong on so many levels. But because the Canadian Beef Industry likes to add delicious bacteria to their meat cooking to well is the only thing I recommend on this blog**.

In a pan add your pea meal bacon with some olive oil. Pea meal bacon is a back cut of bacon crusted with well…pea meal. Everyone likes bacon on a burger but regular bacon has been overdone. Back bacon is great and on a burger it adds a ton of flavour. Retain the bacon fat and fry the eggs in the fat/oil mix. I like them over easy because Sunny Side is so delicate.

Building the burger: This is a delicate mission that has many architectural principles. Here is the order of how things should be stacked. Bottom bun, Vietnamese Vasoline, Arugula, pickle, mustard, burger, cheese, pea meal bacon, tomato, egg, more vietnamese vasoline, top bun. And there you have it. The Braised Blue Burger!

*Some people call this Asian Ketchup but I prefer Vietnamese Vasoline, or Nummy Napalm.

**Fuck You very much XL foods and Mr. Harper.