Quick Hits Edition #4: Looped

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Quick Hits piece so some of this stuff may be a little late breaking. Today I will talk about a movie that will bend your mind, a podcast that will make you fall over laughing, the new season of a show that will devour your brains and a twitter feed that you would be crazy not to follow.

Twitter Feeds: @KellyOxford

Up until a couple years ago Kelly Oxford was an Albertan housewife. She is now a hollywood writer with over 400,000 twitter followers. She is one of the great examples of the democratizing power of social media. Even ten years ago there would not really have been a way for someone to display their writing to so many people. Oxford is tweeting proof of the power of this great platform. Funny, dirty, clever and at times profound, check out one of twitter’s most fascinating and hilarious women.

Movies: Looper

Science fiction has a preoccupation with time travel and it’s inherent possibilities and paradoxes. Rian Johnson’s newest film Looper is equal parts SciFi action movie and love letter to the time travel films. Set in a dystopian future where the mafia controls time travel as a means for disposing of enemies. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a Looper, an assassin who kills people who have been sent back in time by this mafia group. But what happens when a Looper is asked to kill his future self? And what happens when your entire future and the future of society is laid out in front of you? Do you go along with the plan or do you try to change the future? With nods to Back To The Future, Primer and many other time travel movies, Looper is one of the best pieces of science fiction to be released on screen in a decade.

Television Shows: The Walking Dead Season 3

I love The Walking Dead comics, they are some of the most interesting and dramatic pieces of genre literature I’ve ever seen. AMC’s television depiction of those books have been shoddy at best. After a very uneven first season and a painfully slow second season, The Walking Dead has finally found the right tone with the first two episodes of season three. Finally they have gotten off the snide and really jumped head long into the violence and moral ambiguity of the world Robert Kirkman created.  I am going to make an interesting decree, skip season 2. Assume there has been a time jump between season 1 and 3 and just go in cold.

Podcasts: Harmontown

Dan Harmon is someone most of my readers wouldn’t know. He is the creator Community, The Sarah Silverman Program, and Heat Vision and Jack*. Harmon was fired earlier this year by NBC as the show runner for Community, and began this podcast here after. Harmontown is a window into a deeply flawed and wildly funny mind.  With co-host and comptroller of Harmontown, Jeff Davis and a live audience, Harmon talks about his writing process, neurosis, health problems, and an assortment of rants, stories and an ongoing game of Dungeons and Dragons. Begin from episode number one and go from there.

* One of the most insane television pilots ever made. Check out the link.