Sports Bites: NFL Week 7 Picks

Week 6 was actually a gambling success for me because of my double down of the Giants over the 49ers so this week I will do my best to lose everyone money with my picks.

Baltimore +7 over Houston: Houston is very good, but their defence has trouble stopping the run and the long pass. Joe Flacco has been my whipping boy all season but I think between him and Ray Rice they will keep this closer than 7. This could be a perfect push game so take Houston on the line to hedge.

Dallas -2 over Carolina: Just when you bury Dallas Tony Romo’s questionable hands break through the surface of the earth with rare steadiness and make you wish you hadn’t bet on Carolina’s defenceless team. Cam Newton will have a solid pass rush coming at him and make more mistakes than Tony Romo.

Washington -6.5 over NY Giants: Just when you thought the Giants were world beaters they lay an egg at home against a team they historically hate playing. MG3 will drive the Giants’ line crazy and Mike Shannahan’s, George Hamilton tan will scare everyone in the stadium.

Tampa Bay +1.5 over New Orleans: Note to Vegas the Saints got John Vilma back not Sean Payton. Note to gamblers read the above note to Vegas. Also Tampa is solid at home and great on grass. The Saints are crappy on the road and even crappier on grass. Good luck.

Pittsburg -1 over Cincinnati: Cincy lost to Cleveland last week. Pittsburg is injured all over but still. I will take the Steelers over Cincy with Charlie Batch in the game.

Enjoy the sunday games. And keep your ears open for “Stickum-gate” NORV!!!!!!!!