Here is my latest contribution to The Windsor Naysayer. Eddie and I stayed up all night drinking Jasmine Tea and yelling at each other in our best John Lithgow voices.*


*If you havn’t noticed John Lithgow yells a lot. It’s kind of his thing.


By Nicholas V. Nedin

Dear Loyal Subjects, Lovers of Film and Chris Vander Doelen,

As mayor I have to make many difficult decisions about every facet of the City of Windsor, it is a pleasure for me to announce one of easiest decision of my reign.

I must start from the beginning. I have always been an enthusiastic fan of the great thespian John Lithgow. Over the past three years I have made it one of the priorities for the city to have erected a stature of Harry from Harry and The Hendersons standing side by side with the unimpeachable Mr. Lithgow.  But times have changed, no longer do the people of Windsor respect or remember the great performances of Mr. Lithgow in such films as Raising Cain, Footloose, and Cliffhanger.

Leadership is about compromise and collaboration.  After much thought and many focus groups, I have decided to through an…

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