Sports Bites: My Return To NFL Picks

I am back, after a few very busy weeks and a horrible first two weeks of futile picking destroyed by refs*. After a few weeks off the right the ship I am back with my top five picks.

Atlanta -3 over Washington: Atlanta is looking really good offensively and with Washington’s depleted defence they will run roughshod.  And their team speed on defence will help combat RG3 ability to escape the ever collapsing pocket around him. I love the Falcons here but based on my track record this year take that with a gigantic grain of salt.

Pittsburg -3.5 over Philly: Philly has 3 garbage wins that were either a direct cause of horrible referring (V Baltimore) or the utter futility of their opponent(V Cleveland).  They might be the worst 3 and 1 team in football. Michael Vick is turning into Dante Culpepper circa the Miami Dolphins and Andy Reid’s luck as a bad clock and timeout manager has to run out sometime soon. Pittsburg’s gets Polomalu and Harrison back which is huge for their defence and Big Ben actually looks more healthy than he has in years.

Seattle +3 over Carolina: Seattle isn’t great on the road. We know this. But Cam Newton will have trouble against Seattle’s D and Carolina’s defence will have to deal with beast mode and a rookie QB doing his best impression of Tim Tebow.

New England-7.5 over Denver: Bill Belichick may have got his strategic groove back last week against Buffalo. What is funny when you break down Denver is how much they look like a slightly better version of Buffalo. A QB who can’t throw longer than 25 yards, a defence who creates lots of pressure but can be beat long and who’s defensive backfield isn’t great at tackling.  Plus who knows Manning better than Belichick?

San Diego +4 over New Orleans(Bonus take the over on 52 points.): New Orleans is getting to the point of saying fuck it we’re going to play for a great draft pick and wait for our coach to come back. Their defence might be the worst in history, and offensively they arn’t making those great adjustments that Sean Peyton was so great at making because he’s not there. Parlay the chargers with the over and thank me tomorrow.


*Imagine the depressing state of my Bodog account.