Recipe: The Potatoes I Made Last Night

This isn’t some crazy elaborate meal. This is a side dish that anyone can do on the BBQ or in the oven it takes half an hour and you will have your mind blow by how good it is and how little you had to do.


2 large russet potatoes(Sliced into 1/2 inch pieces)

2 leek (washed and sliced thin)

2 cloves garlic

sea salt


grape seed oil

1 tbs butter.

Directions: in a mixing bowl add all of your ingredients and except for the butter. Add enough oil to coat everything liberally. Hand mix everything get the oil, salt and pepper distributed. Then take a large piece of aluminium foil (two feet or so) and pour the contents onto the foil. Add the butter and wrap the contents tightly in the foil.  In an over set at 400 degrees, put the package on a baking sheet and cook for about 30 minutes. On a barbecue again at around 400 degrees put the package on the top rack, (which is the hottest part of the grill when you keep the top closed. I repeat, when you keep the top closed. Again 30 minutes of cooking will have these potatoes, leeks and garlic nice and caramelized.

This is the perfect super easy side dish that can go with so many things. The leeks give the potatoes a smokey flavour that you just don’t get with onions. I love doing this side dish with steak as you can just put the potatoes on while you preheat the grill. Give it a try.