Mixtape Mash: Testing 1…2…3

I noticed this week that I don’t listening to music as much as I used to. I mostly blame my addiction to podcasts but I feel like my musical tastes trapped in 2006 so in an attempt to woo new guest bloggers and friends who don’t give a shit about food I am going to have this new regular feature where I make you a mix tape of 8 songs that I like. Your job as a reader is to comment with a list back to me and if you are truly brave you can be a guest blogger with their own playlist. So here goes nothing.

1. Michael Kiwanuka:Tell Me a Tale..One of my new favourites channels Curtis Mayfield in this epic 70’s inspired soul song.

2.Fleet Foxes: Mykonos…I am way late to the Fleet Foxes party but this one sticks out to me. I am also getting fitted for a flannel shirt and moving to Portland tomorrow.

3. The Heavy: Short Change Hero…More 70’s inspired soul. With almost a Ennio Morricone cinematic sound blended with Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues, you get something special.

4. Explosions In The Sky: Birth and Death of The Day…The band that scored Friday Night Lights could make taking a dump seem like one of the most heart wrenchingly significant moments of your life.*

5. Peter Gabriel: Apres Moi…I hate Genesis and I mostly hate Peter Gabriel. But when Peter Gabriel does a album of covers and knocks a Regina Spektor cover out of the area code, I must give him props.

6.The Black Keys: Have Love, Will Travel…Sometimes you need to hear two white guys from Ohio play dirty dirty blues. And sometimes they need to cover a Richard Berry Classic. Enjoy.

7.Townes Van Zandt: Dead Flowers…Two things I love are The Rolling Stones and The Big Lebowski, this song covers both. A stripped down, heart breaking version of the sardonic deep cut from The Stones.

8. Rilo Kiley: With Arms Outstretched…I’ve always loved this song and then they ended the final episode of Weeds with it and I may have teared up a bit. Good break up music, good depression music, just a great song. This last video is a bit if a SPOILER. Don’t Click if you don’t want to see the last scene of Weeds which really doesn’t show anything.

*Wait till I do my “top heart wrenchingly significant dumps of my life” playlist or as I like to call it Chinese DemPLOpcracy.