TV Dinner: Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy and Weeds.

Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Weeds, three shows at three different points in their storytelling runs. Three shows that I am going to horribly spoil so please stop reading now. If you continue to read this you and then claim I ruined things for you, screw you, you’ve been warned.

Breaking Bad:

This first half of the final season didn’t feel like the first half of a season. It felt like a full season packed into 8 episodes. There is a point where you have to question AMC’s commitment to their shows. First we see them fight Matt Weiner tooth and nail on cutting time out of Madmen to allow for more advertising. Next, The Walking dead’s 2nd season is so woefully budgeted that we saw 13 episodes of slow aimless plot being stretched so thin that I lost interest. Now we see Breaking Bad trying to fit the final two seasons into 16 episodes. It’s not quite a mess, but it could be construed as a mess. Mike’s murder seemed forced and tacked on, the disintegration of the group seemed choppy though it made sense. The Walter/Skylar feud even felt underdone. With that said I still love the show. I just feel that AMC has cheeped out when they could have given one of the best shows ever a real send off. The final episode was amazing, the two montages were so well done, the efficiency of the story telling was amazing and the final scene was predictable but really interesting.

Sons of Anarchy:

As you may have read in an earlier article Sons Of Anarchy has disintegrated into a sloppy mess of a show that I cannot stop watching. The first two episodes of season five are no different. New characters, tons of plot threads that will probably only be tied up through insane writing, and the weirdness of Katey Segal getting plowed by Jimmy Smits in the opening montage. Kurt Sutter loves  killing characters we’ve seen once, but never killing main characters that have outlived their welcome and it’s driving me a little bit crazy. But like the last 2 seasons, I am going to watch.


The first three seasons of weeds were very very good. It’s an absurdist look at suburban life and the drug war. The characters were great, the plots were simple but fulfilling and Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon saved any episode that wasn’t entirely good. We’ve not finished the 8th and final season of Weeds. The general feeling is that the show should have only lasted four seasons and I would mostly agree with that. The final season was uneven and though there were some really funny things it didn’t do much to make me stand up and say, wow they wrapped that up well. Maybe it’s because there was so much distance between when the show was actually good and the end. Or maybe it was the flaccid final episode where glum but rich Nancy see how much her family has gotten away from her. I love these characters and it was kind of shitty to see them portrayed in this way. I am doing well to not spoil this since it just finished monday, but suffice it to say I am not really going to hurt your enjoyment.

Overall TV is the best story telling medium we have right now. I wish that every show could work like The Wire worked or end like The Sopranos ended. I know it too much to ask but it’s a request none the less.