For your Consideration: Lucky Peach Magazine

Food magazines are generally all the same. They may have different points of view and focuses but I am rarely ever surprised and even more rarely entertained by food magazines.

Lucky Peach calls it’s self a food journal. It’s the brainchild of David Chang. If you read this blog and you’ve not heard of David Chang then you’ve been living in a hole filled to the brim with MacDonald’s bags. Chang is one of the most influential chefs of the last decade. His empire is called Momofuku it’s a series of New York eateries that defy the normal ideas about fine dining*.  His food seems to rest in traditional pan asian style but with a diverse American sensibility.

In 2009, Chang released the Momofuku cookbook which was kind of a singular voiced proto Lucky Peach where he talked about his food philosophy, and experiences, along with some amazing recipes.

Lucky Peach calls it’s self a quarterly food journal. Every volume holds to a narrow focus where the voices of the writers seem to tangentially fire into space and return to that focus depending on their bent. Chefs, thinkers, comedians, writers all get to dip their toes into the broth that Chang has created adding their own bend on the chosen topic. The writing is strong and the recipes are laid out in very cool flow chart form which gives a reader as very different experience as well as a very workable resource.

If Bon Appetite is a food magazine it would be Hall and Oates, Lucky Peach is more of the Black Flag of food magazines. Hall and Oates is great for a dentist office but Lucky Peach will make you lock your bedroom door and force you to read**. Check it out, if you like food and you like writing you will like Lucky Peach.

*He also has a restaurant in Sydney and space set to open in Toronto at some point this year.

**My copy currently resides in my bathroom which I am conflicted about. Food magazine in the bathroom? Seems like a nary the two should meet kind of situation.