Quick Hits Edition 2: Sulkin Around

The first edition of Quick Hits two weeks ago did quite well. So I have created a new feature for Braised Blue simply named Quick Hits, where I give you the reader some quick reviews of things I saw this week or things I recommend.

Twitter Feeds: @TheSulk

Alec Sulkin is a writer for Family Guy and one of the greatest minds of twitter. His twitter feed tightropes between being wildly misogynistic and loveably self deprecating. He has some of the funniest tweets about sports on twitter while at the same time he plays with the very format of the 148 character medium. A few recent tweets by @thesulk…“”What the fuck are you doing?” is something I say a lot to mirrors.”…”I’m the Italian captain of my relationship.”…””Sebulba, have you spoken with Jabba since the loss and if so, what was said there?” (Post Race Press Conference)”

Movies: The Cabin In The Woods

I haven’t really enjoyed a horror movie since Josh Hartnett was in short pants(The Faculty).  The Cabin In The Woods is something more than a horror movie, it’s a comedy, and a satire of the current state of horror movies as well as a laser accurate lampoon of gore porn movies.  This intensely likeable film stars Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford who sit in a control room with a team of coworkers and watch a real life horror movie play out(this is my best description without spoiling the conceit of the film.) Joss Whedon has his hands all over this really smart take on contemporary horror, and it like pretty much anything he touches is really enjoyable. Check it out.

Podcasts: In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg

Have you ever wished you could learn about Hadrian’s Wall from four PhD historians who have been collected by a host who is equal parts Charlie Rose and John Cleese?  In Out Time with Melvyn Bragg will satisfy your inner geek by going unbelievably into depth on very specific topics, here are a few examples of the topics you will find on this BBC Podcast. The Trojan War, Neoplatonism, The Kama Sutra,  Game Theory, Marco Polo, The Science of Electrical Conduction, Quakers.

Television: Weeds

Final seasons are always a tricky proposition. They can go off into a new direction which makes you want to forget what you enjoyed about the series(Big Love) but sometimes you get something great that enhances everything(The Shield). The final season of Weeds started slow, but is really rounding into something special. Creator Jenji Kohan has built some really great dramatic tension while at the same time turning out one of the funniest seasons the show has ever had. Andy(Justin Kirk) has stepped into becoming the true male lead of the series and in all it’s well worth your time to continue on with the Botwins for one last season.