Sports Bites: My Weekly NFL Picks

Every week I will release 5 of my best value picks in the NFL against the spread. I will be using the Bodog Lines. Week one is always a crap shoot, so play your gut this week. This is my gut. Cheers.

Buffalo +3 vs The Jets: Buffalo is always solid in the early season before they get ravaged by injuries. The Jets are in disarray. Last year the Bills played the Jets hard. And Buffalo is a tough place to play. I like the Bills to win outright.

Kansas City +3 Vs Atlanta: Kansas City is a sleeper for me this season. They had a amazingly unlucky season last year and though Romeo Crennel isn’t a great coach he can improve a defence which was solid last year. ATL is bad away from home, bad on a natural surface and though I think they are a good team, they will have trouble moving the ball. I like KC to Win outright.

New England -6 vs Tennessee: I will bet on Brady and that New England Offense until it fails me which could be this week as Tennessee has a very solid defensive line which will test the NE offensive line which has regressed talentwise. But otherwise I will ride the team that made me money the last two years.

Jacksonville +3.5 vs Minnesota: Jacksonville is a bad team. I am willing to bet that Minnesota is worse. Their hope rest on Adrian Peterson’s ACL being fully healed, a subpar defence, and Christian Ponder. The Jags at least have a better defense and they can run the ball even of MOJO isn’t totally back.

Pittsburg +2 vs Denver: I will take Ben Rothlesburger and his defence over Peyton Manning and his defense. This is a “fuck you” game for the Steelers after the playoofs last year. They are up for this game and I am willing to put money on it. I am also willing to put money on Manning being bad for at least the first quarter of the season. Get ready to yell Bingo Steelers’ D. I like the Steelers to win by a TD.