In Vino Veritas: Recipe Redux Part Four

So I have been out of the writing mood for the last few days so I decided to recycle some of my old stuff and talk about wines that would work with my recipes.

Veal Involtini: This dish is really your choice of wines depending on the flavour profile you are playing with. One interesting pairing with this dish is a Chilean Carmenere. Carmenere is a heavy bodied red grape varietial that has it’s roots in Bordeaux but has become of on Chile’s signature grape. With deep dark notes of cocoa, and leather, and bright berry fruit this wine works really well to bring out the flavours of asparagus and the sauce. One tip with a Carmenere is that it needs time to open up. So try opening your bottle about 45 minutes before drinking. This will get rid of a pungent green pepper note that can over power the wine. Some oxidization will erase that unpleasant note and really bring out the great things about this varietal.

Cornmeal Crab Cakes: Crab cakes are an interestingly tricky thing to pair with wine. You want something with nice acidity to give a lift to the palette because this is an appetizer, but you also want to compliment the texture of the cakes with something that has some body. My choice would be a Macon Village from from Burgundy in France. This chardonnay is a great blend of acidic minerality, light fruit, floral notes, and a nutty quality. This mouth filling but relatively light flavoured style of wine will do wonders with the crab cakes.

Marinated Flank Steak: Flank steak screams for a big bold wine, it’s a strong flavoured cut of beef and this recipe really brings out those big flavours. Your wine needs to stand up and deliver. My suggestion would be a Zinfandel from Sonoma County, California. More specifically I would recommend something from either Dry Creek Valley, or Alexander Valley. These wines pack a punch, lots of big fruit flavour, lots of alcohol and lots of spice make up the backbone of Sonoma Zinfandel. There are other areas of California that produce great Zin but when it comes to pairing with grilled meat Sonoma Zin is my choice and it should be yours.

So go, make some food and drink some good wine this weekend.