For Your Consideration: The Twisted Apron

The Twisted Apron was a place I had heard so much about, but like Boardwalk Empire, I refused to get into because I wanted to wait for the right time to enjoy and digest it.

Yesterday I decided to break that self imposed exile and went for lunch. I was really impressed. The place was cozy but modern at the same time. The food was really solid, simple and well conceived, and the service was really good.

Upon entering the space The Twisted Apron looks quite small but there is a second seating area which provides more than enough room for a busy lunch rush. The menu is n’t huge but it gives lots of options, heavy and light. And Our server was really astute, honest, helpful and friendly.

I ordered the Truffled Grilled Cheese with Apple Bacon spread. And the beet salad as a side. The Sandwich was a blend of aged cheddar and brie, pan fried in truffled butter. I chose the apple bacon spread because if that doesn’t make your mind go to wildly sexy places I don’t know what will*. The sandwich was really as close to perfect as I could imagine a grilled cheese being. I know it sounds like I am being over dramatic but it was really great.

The Beet Salad was a really nice counter point to the rich sandwich. Heirloom beets, mixed greens, a liberal amount of goat cheese, and julienned apple dressed with a simple vinaigrette. The acidity of the beets and apple and the tartness of the creamy goat cheese really made this as a dish a winner.**

The Twisted Apron overall was a super positive experience. The food was great, the service was great and the space is really done well. Another great feature of the restaurant is the small grocery store where they sell fresh produce, desserts, gelato, and different jarred creations by owner Kate Robinson. All of these are made on site, which really does well to give the Walkerville Nieghborhood a really novel and upscale food experience.***

*Quick Pitch, I adapt this blog into a series of novels called 50 Shades of Grey Poupon where I just erotically describe thing’s i’ve eaten. So in other words, nothing different from what I am currently doing.

**Here is the thing. The Sandwich and the beet salad don’t technically go together on the menu. It’s a small extra change to pair the two. But it is totally worth it.

***Go check out The Twisted Apron Co. at 1833 Wyandotte St. East.