Sports Bites: A Few Pieces of Advice To Detroit Lions Fans

Dear Lions Fans,

I know that last season was an amazing ride. I also know that there are huge expectations for the honolulu blue and silver to progress even deeper into the playoffs this season. But I have a warning for those of you who have so quickly forgot the bad days.

The Detroit Lions are not winners yet*. They had a winning record last year but they are not winners. Winners don’t have more than a couple arrests in an offseason. Winners don’t have marginal guys hold out when there is $10.6 million on the table. Winners aren’t the third best team in their division.

The NFL is a dynamic organism that is ever changing, growing, and decaying all at the same time. I feel that the Lions have not improved coming into this season, while at the same time their divisional competition has improved.

Lions fans have conveniently forgot how good the Chicago Bears were last season before they lost their two best players. As someone who won a bunch of money betting on the Bears last season I remember the epic collapse. The Bears are healthy again, they also addressed their biggest weakness with Brandon Marshall. Borderline Personality Disorder  be damned he makes the Chicago offence much more complete than what it was last year. As well, Chicago’s defence, though aging, is much better than Detroit’s.

Vegas even knows that the Lions’ outlook is not so great. Right now the season over/under for wins is at 9 across the board. As a person who is known to wager on football from time to time, I and every other, sharp is laying heavy on the under. Vegas is begging the public(who thinks Detroit is an up and comer) to bet the over. All I see is regression in Detroit’s future.

The biggest and most elusive thing is that Detroit fans are jinxing their team like no tomorrow. All of these expectations that have been built up by fan ravenous for playoff success creates an atmosphere of hostility where when success is not present. So here are my pieces of advice to Detroit Lions fans.

1. Bet Against Your Team.

If you bet against your team when it is smart to bet against your team is the greatest way to balance your emotions during game time. Think of it as being pragmatic. If the Lions win you are happy because you team won. If the Lions lose you get to wipe up your tears with cold hard cash.

2. Stay Humble.

As a Cleveland Browns fan, there is nothing I want to see more at week eight**, is Lions fans eating crow for all of their hubris. All I hear from Lions fans right now is dreams of conference championships and proclamations of double digit wins. Your team is horribly flawed in a bunch of different regards. You may have some nice pieces but your refusal to see that last season was partially due to luck may be your downfall.

3. Be Patient.

The Lions have a great core, a good coach and an ownership who seems vaguely committed to winning. This year is probably going to be disappointing. But in the NFL it takes time to build a winner. Just be patient.

*Yet is the important word in this paragraph. I think the lions are a year or two away from being real contenders. I think they will take a step back this years for many reasons.

**When my team is hopelessly out of it.