For Your Consideration: The Butcher Of Kingsville

Butchery exists somewhere between being a dying art and an artisanal ground swell in today’s world of super markets and pre packages meats. We as a society have become disconnected from where are food comes from and who prepares our food. The Butcher of Kingsville is a great first step if you want to connect with and taste the difference of local and whole animal butchery.

The Butcher of Kingsville may not be located in as close to Windsor as many of my readers may like but as I have said before in this blog, the county has so much more to offer a food lover than a person living in the city could fathom. The produce, the wine and now the meat. *

In the past six months I have gotten to try lots of different things from The Butcher of Kingsville. Their lamb is amazing, the beef is top notch and they make a mean burger. It’s also one of the only places I know of to get high quality bison meat. The best part of The Kingsville Butcher is the staff. Specialty cuts are not a problem, and they don’t hesitate to answer questions and educate.

So check out The Butcher Of Kingsville, along with all of the other great places to go to eat and shop, it’s well worth you time.

*  13 Main St West, Kingsville, Ontario.