Foods/Drinks You Should Know: The Caesar

Today I am hungover. Not horribly hungover, but I have felt better. Hangovers have many remedies but one such remedy has become a Canadian way of life, The Caesar.

A savoury cocktail made with vodka, Clamato juice, worchestershire sauce, and a variety of spices, the Caesar was invented in Calgary, Alberta in 1969. Walter Chell manager of the Calgary Inn created the drink, and it took off in popularity.

Though there is no official edict, it is generally accepted that the Caesar is the official cocktail of Canada. The internet also tells me that the city of Calgary on May 13th 2009, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Caesar by making it Caesar Day. I was in Calgary for this occasion and must have missed it.*

Caesars are typically made with vodka, but there have been many variations created over time. I personally like my Caesar with gin, but I’ve seen recipes that include canadian whisky, beer, and different flavoured vodka.

The garnish is another big part of the Caesar. Usually the glass is rimmed with celery salt, a stick of celery is placed in the glass and a lime is used to garnish. Different establishments will usually change this part of the drink. Pickled Green Beans, cucumbers and asparagus are also common replacements for the exceeding yawn worthy celery. I would be remised to not make a comment about eating a pickle while getting pickled.

Many people enjoy a caesar with spice. Hot sauce is a common addition to a caesar, but pickled hot peppers, horseradish and wasabi are all interesting and sinus clearing ways to put a different twist on the drink.

Caesars of course are touted for their restorative powers when in the throws of a hangover. Part of this is because a hangover is partially caused by a withdrawal from alcohol and a caesar evens out those symptoms**. The drink it’s self is pretty healthy as far as cocktails go. It has lots of vitamins from the tomato, protein from the clam broth, and electrolytes from the salt.***

So tonight(Or tomorrow morning) when you want to pour yourself a drink, do yourself a favour and mix a caesar.

*I was probably stuck in traffic.

**I am not promoting morning drinking to cure the DTs, but sometimes a caesar isn’t a bad idea if you need to feel better for a morning golf game.

***I should have titled this piece, “Braised Blue becomes a bad influence and grasps as straws while making health claims about a vodka based cocktail.”