Today I am reblogging a past recipe for Chili. Because today we will be recreating said chili. There will be photos and maybe even moving photos that the kids call video on this one. Enjoy the food porn that is my Chili Recipe.


Since I was about 20 I’ve been making chili. It was one of the first dishes I learned to make and in university it was a crowd pleaser that you could eat for an entire week if you made enough of it. Over the past decade I have evolved this recipe. I don’t think i’ve ever made it the same twice but I may mention something about the meat in the chili once or twice. It is not a classic chili by any means; It has beans, it’s spicy, it has two different meats in it, it is sweet, and it should be cooked in a pot. This is not a pour everything into a slow cooker and coming back in 2 hours kind of a chili. This is a three to four hour job and the first 45 minutes of it is about treating the meat in the best…

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