Here is a piece I did over at The Windsor Naysayer, Check out this blog it is really a lot of fun.


By Nicholas V. Nedin

The following is a transcript of a secretly recorded conversation in the offices of the Policy Research Institute of Canada during a pitch meeting. The meeting was convened to come up with counter attack advertisements to Matty Maroon’s misleading ads appearing on Michigan television in regards to the new border crossing between Windsor and Detroit. Maroon’s attempt at starting a ballot initiative was underscored by ads attacking the project out of fear of dwindling profits for his own border crossing. All the names of the participants of the meeting have been changed to protect their identities.


Cameron: One of the longest serving employees of PRIC. He has new twin boys and has not slept well for about a month. He is afraid that his new obligations as a father has thrown him off his game. He has totally lost his edge.


Douglas: The newest…

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