For Your Consideration: Palenque Fresh Mexican Cuisine

As some of my long time readers know, I love mexican cuisine. After my review of Walkermole I received a lot of negative feedback about my very positive review of their fine dining take on Mexican cuisine. Most of these complaints were exactly what my review explained was what I personally didn’t like in a mexican restaurant*. I was also told that Palenque was a much better place to eat if I wanted authentic mexican cuisine.

Upon entering Palenque you are almost tossed into the dining room. Normally this is something I would put down as a negative in a restaurant, but at Palenque it really throws you into an environment of community. People eating, drinking, talking and sharing a communal experience which is what food is all about. You walk in, and you are confronted with the smells, the food and the atmosphere.

The food itself was really nice. My companion ordered the calamari, I ordered Tacos Al Pastor and the Tortilla soup. The calamari was fresh, and the breading was very well seasoned with a little bit of heat. The Tacos were very authentic. The pork was super tender and flavourful and the cilantro pineapple topping was perfectly balanced with the meat and if the tortilla wasn’t homemade they did a hell of a job tricking me. The Tortilla soup was also very good. There was a very strong though pleasant amount of spice in the soup and that spice does well to interplay with the chicken and strips of crunchy tortilla. Everything I tried was very good, and tasted very authentic.

Mexican Cuisine is all about bold flavours and quality ingredients, Palenque delivers that in a big way, though in a space that low key and humble.

If you want the mariachi band, or the loud shit on the walls, or the burrito that trades fresh produce for cheese and sour cream, please go across the border to Mexican Village and leave the places who do things the right way for the people who appreciate it. If you like good food please go try Palenque it will be worth your trip to the east side.**

*Essentially these people didn’t like Walkermole because it wasn’t cheese smothered tex-mex food. My review clearly talks about how Walkermole was the opposite of that style of restaurant.

**Palenque is on Wyandotte just off Pillette, I feel like because I write reviews online, that my readers can with the help of the google search bar on their browser figure out where these places are. But because I feel like this area of the city is a underrated and undervalued I would give it’s general location. Please good Palenque Windsor and go try this gem of an eatery.