For Your Consideration: Sweet T’s Soul Cookin’

Soul food paints a mental picture of classic southern comfort dishes, homemade and simple. Sweet T’s Soul Cookin’ doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

Sweet T’s Soul Cookin’ is the newest venture by the people who brought you a windsor favourite, Smoke And Spice. Located in Smoke and Spice’s original space at 1515 Ottawa St, Sweet T’s seems to looking to recreate the formula of Smoke and Spice but with some lighter fare.*

The space was done really well. A mural of the film Reservoir Dogs on the wall as you walk in gives the place a kind of unexpected vibe that is less down home and more hip.  With that said, the staff and the food still give you that really down to earth homemade feeling.

My brother and I started with the beef jerky as an appetizer as the appetizer as our waitress raved about it. She was not wrong, the jerky was spicy, sweet and salty, it was not rubbery and tough. The meat melted without much of a chew and it was just a fantastic way to wake up our tastebuds.

It’s been a long time since I had Chicken and Waffles. Too long really, and a lot of people I’ve found don’t really get the concept of them. It’s actually simple, fried chicken is a little bit greasy(Or A lot greasy) and that grease needs somewhere to go. Such as a delicious pastry which exists in waffle pattern that may or may not be doused with maple syrup.

Sweet T’s does chicken and waffles right. Their chicken is juicy, and the breading is light and flavourful. The waffles were fantastically light, and did a great job in soaking up some of the juices from the chicken. A great idea was the smoked maple syrup they served with the waffles. I didn’t get much smoke flavour on it but the aroma was without a doubt smokey. The dish as a whole was a winner for me, simple, but it hit all of the notes I expected it to.**

What really makes Smoke and Spice a place that is so fun to return to is the endless combinations of side dishes. Sweet T’s also has a big selection of these but they seem much, well….healthier? An assortment of salads. Are we in bizzaro Smoke and Spice? I cannot report on the quality of the salads though I am sure they are wonderful. I got molasses baked beans with andouille sausage. Lets call it a bean salad for fun. The beans were very nice, they had nice heat and the bitter sweetness of the molasses was a great touch.

Overall I was really impressed by Sweet T’s Soul Cookin’, they have kept to the Smoke and Spice formula of great unpretentious southern food. But they really do well in making the menu different yet familiar to the restaurant that has become a Windsor favourite.

*You may disagree with the word lighter fare when it comes to baked beans with andouille sausage, fried chicken and waffles. But compared to St. Louis cut ribs and macaroni with cheese it is lighter.

**People always scoff when you tell them about chicken and waffles. It sounds crazy, I totally agree. But sometimes its those things that seem to not make sense that make great dishes.