A Weekend In The City: Sunday

When people are not from Toronto they have this image of the city as this metropolis of concrete and glass, The SkyDome*, the CN Tower two behemoths creating a monumental phallus and testi rising from Lake Ontario. People look at Toronto and they see new, they see modern, but under the surface and just above your head the history of Toronto is evident.

I grew up and now reside in Amherstburg, Ontario. A small town on the Detroit River where some of the most consequential battles of the war of 1812 were fought. In the intervening years “Historic”** Amherstburg has become much like every other small towns in this country.  A teet for big box stores and fast food chains to suckle from. People in Amherstburg generally think Toronto is a strange place but Amherstburg could learn a thing or two about preserving history from Toronto.

It was on a Jane’s walk with my cousins where I learned about the history of the Dundas Corridor and really saw the attempts of Torontonians to balance development and business with the history of the city. The Dundas corridor is like looking at the cross section of limestone, a plantation house at one layer and a few layers later you see style moderne beside art deco beautiful facades that tell a story while housing contemporary business. A wonderful example is the corpse a Blockbuster Video inside of a beautiful art deco building resides of Dundas and Keele.

Food wise sunday was a day of relative rest compared to the last two days. I was nursing a mighty hangover after a late night and a sleep on my buddy Bryson’s couch. We decided after Jane’s Walk that my cousin’s would make dinner and we would visit and relax a bit.

Flank Steak, sauteed wild leeks and a salad made up dinner. A couple good bottles of California red were a great companion as well. I had never had wild leeks and my flank steak knowledge was very little. I was more of a observer than a cook. But I enjoyed eating the simple but delicious meal.

We were smart to take it easy on sunday. Because monday was a little more involved.

*I refuse to recognize the corporate slave name of the SkyDome because of an ongoing customer service issue I am having with the corpse of Ted Rogers and his customer service department.

**As the sign on the way into town would have you believe.