Recipe: Bourbon BBqed Pork Tenderloin (A Bean Companion)

Because of a massive hangover, I released a BBQed Baked Bean with Bacon Recipe. It was a side dish that you all should try. Today I will release its companion. Pork Tenderloin is a great cut to work with. It’s inexpensive, versatile, flavourful, and pretty forgiving. I like to think of it as a blank canvas of pork that you can infused pretty much any flavour into.


1 Pork Tenderloin(Trimmed of silverskin on the outside of the cut)


Black Pepper

2 oz Bourbon

Tomato Paste

1 Clove Garlic(Chopped and crushed)

The Juice of one lemon

2 tbs brown sugar

Olive oil

Crushed Red Pepper

Chili Powder

1 Large ziplock bag

Instructions: In a mixing bowl add bourbon, lemon juice, and garlic and allow the garlic to macerate for five to ten minutes into the liquid. Add Red Pepper flakes, and olive oil, brown sugar, and chili powder. The mixture will still be quite watery. You then add Tomato paste until the mixture becomes more of a paste. Add Salt and pepper to taste. Then put your tenderloin into the ziplock bag and your BBQ marinade as well. Leave in the fridge marinating for 2 hours. Remove the tenderloin and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before grilling. By this time the meat should have pulled a lot of the moisture out of the marinade and the remaining liquid can be used to baste the tenderloin as it cooks. Place the tenderloin on a very hot grill and sear it on all sides. Bring the head down and let the tenderloin cook until it reaches medium. Turning and basting in sauce every so often. This should take about 30-40 minutes depending on the thickness of the cut and the heat of the grill. Cut into the middle of the tenderloin to check for pinkness if necessary, beause of the denseness of the meat you wont lose a ton of moisture. When finished let the Tenderloin rest for ten minutes and then cut to serve with your baked beans and grilled veggies are also great with it.


In the end the tenderloin should have a crust on the outside of smokey sweet and tangy flavour profile, which is the perfect compliment to the richness of the BBQed baked beans. Give it a try this summer.