For Your Consideration: Toscana Restaurant and Wine Bar

There is a lot of places to get great Italian in Windsor. Too many actually.

I am going to narrow down your next choice to a place that from the neighborhood and from the outside is unassuming. Found on the 3800 block of Dougall in a strip mall, Toscana blends in.

Once you get into the space you feel transported to a clean modern restaurants with comfortable booths that provides ample privacy while you dine. 

I probably sexualize food way too much as some of my commenters have pointed out, but I have decided to continue that tradition. Toscana has a sexy menu, well to be most accurate it has four sexy menus; Lunch, Dinner, Crudo and Wine. 

On my visit, my companion and I did lunch.* For my appetizer I chose the smoked salmon on a potato pancake with creme fraiche, chives and baby capers. There was a long debate between the salmon and Duck Confit Poutine, a dish which holds a special place in my heart.  The salmon, was such a simple and clean take on Bagel and Lox. The potato pancake was beautifully crispy which really worked with the salmon and fresh chives. The creme fraiche and capers were also great touches that really brought that bagel and lox flavour to the forefront.

For my entree, I had the Agniolotti stuffed with wild mushrooms, in a parmesan cream and truffle oil sauce. I love mushrooms, and this dish brought that love to a new level**. The Agnolotti was cooked immaculately and the sauce, though rich, worked perfectly against the different layers of earthiness presented in the mushrooms.

Toscana might be the best place to bring a date that I’ve been to in windsor. It’s quiet, dimly lit, and intimate. The service was polite and helpful.*** And the food was top notch. I will be returning for my fill of sweetbreads and bone marrow sooner rather than later.

*I am going to return for the crudo menu at some point soon because there is bone marrow, that on its own gets me back in.

**This is how vegetarian cuisine should work. Give me mushrooms, truffle oil and parmesan and my blood lust for meat wanes for a short time.

***Our waiter actually settled an argument about the perceived sexuality of men who rollerblade. For that he got a very healthy tip.