In Defense of Hungry Man Dinners

Here at Braised Blue I don’t always make my own food. Sometimes you just have to nuke a Salisbury Steak and powdery mashed potatoes.

There was a time in my life when I felt shame about the apple cobbler that burned the room of my mouth. It was a scar I could hide from the world, but my tongue would know the truth as it probed away at the burns. No longer will I feel shame about my addiction to Swanson’s delectable and without a doubt nutritious treat.

What is cooking you ask?  Chopped Beef Steak in slimy gravy. Maybe Grilled Bourbon Steak strips. Sometimes you need some white gravy on your chicken in a box.

Well that is about all I can say about an american classic.

Tomorrow on Braised Blue…I do lines of gravy powder and watch a Ken Burns documentary in the afterglow.