For Your Consideration: Caldwell’s Grant

About six years ago I glowingly reviewed Caldwell’s Grant for the now defunct Upfront Magazine. Like much of my work at Upfront I was never paid for the review, and now that I have a blog I will continue that tradition.

It’s been about six years since I stepped foot in Caldwell’s Grant.  I have fond memories of the unpretentious but high minded food that graced their menu. A nod to New Orleans cuisine with a local flare. I moved to Calgary, ate beef for half a decade and now that I am back in Ontario I’ve been excited to get into my favorite place to eat in Amherstburg.

From what I have been told through the small town rumour mill, Caldwell’s is now under new ownership, but they have retained the bulk of their kitchen staff and the menu has been tweaked. And I must say, the quality and the mindset of the restaurant is still the same.

Large windows and warm wood still adorn the space. The bar is still an invite place to pull up a stool and the roomy yet cozy feel of the dining room is still appreciated. To be totally honest, not a lot had changed.

I know that I am talking about this place in a way that people who are new to the place are probably scratching their heads. So for those who have not been to Caldwell’s Grant, go, stand up from your desk, put on your pants*, get in your car and drive to Amherstburg.**

For appetizers my group got Chicken Wings and Ginger Beef. Now here is another tip. The wings at Caldwell’s are great, but what makes them even better is their “Sweet Georgia Brown” sauce. It’s a sweet, slightly spicy and slightly herbal blend of flavors that makes those wings sing. The Ginger Beef is also really nice, a modern twist on the classic guailo chinese dish.

For my entree, I had the Moroccan Lamb Shank. This was really interesting. At first glance it looked like a classic Osso Bucco with braised veggies and mashed potatoes. But the braising liquid and the veggies had the classic Moroccan flavour profile of Cumin, dried fruit, ginger, cinnamon, clove, etc. It was again a really interesting take on a classic dish. Plus lamb shanks are always a good idea.

Overall my experience of this new incarnation of Caldwell’s Grant was really great. Everyone at my table was happy, the service was fast and friendly and the ambiance as always was great.

*Yes I assume everyone reads this blog without pants.

** Another footnote in the same sentence? Yes, it’s another footnote. If you live in Windsor, ontario this is your footnote. There is an entire county to the south of you that has great restaurants, a bunch of wineries, and metric tons of local produce you can buy from the farmer from dirt cheap. I know that a 20 minute drive is a daunting task but be brave and enjoy the rewards of your long journey.

Caldwell’s Grant.

269 Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg, ON N9V
(519) 736-2100