For Your Consideration: Motor Burger

My brother and I went this morning to find suits for his wedding. After a few hours of hard selling and eye rolling we needed to recharge our batteries. He said that there was a place on Erie Street that made some fantastic burgers. I was in.

The name Motor Burger brought about a picture in my minds eye of an unsavory grease trap with Harley Davidson memorabilia on the walls and a waitress who may or may not call everyone, “Hun”. A great burger is a simple thing, but as many simple things it is also, easy thing to screw up.

I was wrong about Motor Burger. It was not anything like I expected. The space is open and fresh, cool greens, natural wood and black boards with spec style drawing so of classic cars festoon the walls. I felt as if Benjamin Braddock would pull up in front of the open front doors in his Alpha Romero Spider toss the keys to the barkeep, and enjoy a burger.

The food was fantastic. I had the Deux Chevaux, a 100% angus brisket and chuck patty with carmelized onions, dijon Mustard, baby Spinach, gruyere cheese, applewood smoked bacon. It was complex but at the same time a very simple idea. A great burger with salty, sweet, smokey and tangy elements that all work together in making a fantastically messy burger. On the side I went with their onion rings, which were feather light and incredibly crunchy. The rest of the menu can be viewed at….

Now the prices at Motor Burger could be seen as daunting by those who don’t care about the quality of their burger. I have read urbanspoon reviews by people who complained about the prices, yes they are high, yes you can go to a pub and get an 8 dollar burger, yes you can go go home and grill a burger on your own. If you have leveled those complaints, please go to those places and leave me alone while I look down on your from my new favorite burger joint.