Recipe: Bacon and Potato Leek Soup

This is a very basic recipe for a soup that will absolutely work as a comfort food or as something that will impress at a dinner party with only a few tweaks.

6-Strips of Smoked Bacon (Cut into small pieces)

4-Large Yukon Gold Potatoes (Sliced and Un-peeled)

1-Large Yellow Onion(rough cut)

2-Leeks (Chopped fine)

2-Cloves of Garlic (Manually Crushed)

250ml- Unsalted Butter

2 Cups- Chicken Stock

2tbs- Sour Cream

Canola Oil (as needed)

Creme Fraiche (optional)


To start, render your bacon and a medium/high heat in the same pot as the soup, make sure that you are getting some nice crispness. Remove 1/3 of the bacon preferably the crispier pieces from the pot and wrap in paper towel. Drop you heat to medium and add onions and sweat them in the bacon fat add small amounts of Canola oil as needed if there isn’t enough bacon fat. Add leeks and garlic and let all of those ingredients marry with the onions and bacon. Add Potatoes.* The longer that you can keep all of these components in the pot without burning or having them stick to the bottom of the pot, the more you are going to integrate the saltiness of the bacon, the earthy smoke of the leek and the garlic to those potatoes which are going to carry the flavour in the soup. You then add your butter and sour cream let that melt in and then add your stock. Stir, Cover, Simmer. This all should simmer for about 45 minutes. I personally like to let soups go for longer (2 hours)than that because I find that the flavours deepen and change over that extra time. After the simmering time, remove your soup from the heat and give it a few minutes, grab your immersion blender and you are going to be turning into a silky texture.** Make sure that you are putting your blender just above the surface every so often so that you can inject a little air into the soup. This will give you a fantastic texture, and it’s great to work with while plating. After your soup is in a bowl a great way you bring this soup up another notch is to add a dollop of creme fraiche some roughly chopped scallions and a sprinkle of some of that bacon you saved from the beginging of the cooking process.


*Un-peeled potatoes will add some great texture to the soup. Because we will be immersion blending this soup we need textural components like the crispy bacon we have saved in the paper towel and the potato skin to make sure our soup doesn’t remind us of baby food.

**Make sure when you are using an immersion blender to take the liquid off heat. I have learned this lesson the painful scarring way.