What Is Braised Blue?

Braised Blue is not the first time somebody has tried to combine cuisine and mental health together, but I will tell you right now that it will hopefully be the most meaningful to those who use humor to get over anxiety and depression.

Before I get into anything else I want to talk about the name of this blog because to me it’s self evident but to those I have spoken with it’s less evident. The name Braised Blue took me a week to figure out. Working titles such as; Sadness Bowls, Deveining My Heart,  Seared Schadenfreude, and Solipsism Sandwhich, were bandied about, crumpled into balls, and thrown in the trash.

Braised Blue for some reason strikes a chord with me. The word Braised brings me a rush of great images, smells, and sounds to my head. Braising is one of my favorite techniques, it’s delicate yet forgiving, it provides bold flavors and the ability to work on and develop more into a dish. I also like that the word “Raised” resides in the word Braised. Because what I like to do is raise or elevate classic comfort food to something a little different or gourmet. The word “blue” has it’s obvious connotation of sadness. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for the better part of a decade and I want to use this blog to tell that story through the food I make and the food I find along the way.  I also like my steak blue if the cut is good enough. Not to mention, that I like alliteration way too much, and that there is more to Braised Blue the more I think about it.

Until next time…